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More romantic relationship phrases that beach volleyball has transformed into platonic references to partnerships are: “getting dumped”, “she left me for someone else,” “we’re trying out a few different people,” “we’re texting/talking/having coffee,” “we have great chemistry.”

Beach Volleyball Slang Terms

Also known as a six-pack because volleyball etiquette holds that if you give another player a facial, you buy him or her a six-pack to help ease the pain. Fish: A player who gets caught in the net. Flipper: A reaching contact made with the outstretched back of the hand in a flipping motion. Popularized by beach player Andy Fishburn.

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Beach Volleyball is a sport played by two teams on a sand court divided by a net. The team has three hits for returning the ball (including the block touch). In Beach Volleyball, the team winning a rally scores a point (Rally Point System). When the receiving team wins a rally, it gains a point and the right to serve.

Volleyball Vocabulary

Volleyball Vocabulary for Defense and Blocking. Kong block: A one-armed blocking style made popular by beach volleyball legend Randy Stoklos. Middle Up: A defensive system that focuses on covering tips of balls sent short over the block. Off-blocker: The blocker that drops off the net during the attack.


BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The game is played between two-person or four-person teams on an outdoor sand court or converted indoor sand court such as at Madison Square Garden.

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– Any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball. A common euphemism for this type of game is “Picnic Volleyball.” JUMP SERVE – A serve that is started by the server tossing the ball into the air and jumping into and hitting the ball in its downward motion. JOUST – When 2 opposing players are simultaneously

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If the back row player steps on or past the 10 ft. line during take-off, the attack is illegal. BEACH DIG – An open hand receive of the ball, also called a “Deep Dish.”. BLOCK – A defensive play by one or more front row players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter’s court.

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Beach volleyball has many original and unique slang terms. Boom – A ball spiked straight down into the sand. Break – A quick change of direction when the attacker is approaching for a hit.